about us

Alep is a creative studio focused on all the little details that build a perfect image for your brand. We serve our clients not only as a design studio but as a creative partner, a collaborator that shares their vision and make it real through their concept. We believe in details. The redwood table of your office, the wall paper on your walls, the colour palette of your website. No matter how small there are, every piece is equally important in creating perfection. And perfection is what we offer.

Our Mission.

At Alep we aim to deliver the fullest potential of our clients’ projects or ideas in a way it achieves its best results balanced with the simplest and most sophisticate design.Why? We believe that the perfect communication is the one that delivers a clear message through straightforwardness.


We live on details and aim to give special care and attention to each project we work on. It is part of our philosophy to exploit their fullest potential, so we are constantly wondering what else can be done and how we can deliver messages in new and more efficient ways. That’s another reason why our work is a constant evolution even after handing over a final result, because a project is not a finished concept; it can always bring new ideas and reformulations.

Meet the Team

We design and develop services for customers of all sizes, specializing in creating stylish, modern websites, web services and online stores.