Alep, Aleppo, Halab: the story we want to tell

It is when we are challenged that we have the opportunity to grow the most. Think about some successful stories. They might have different approaches, take more or less time to reach a goal, face small or big problems, but all of them have a point in common: positivity. If you fall, you stand up. If someone tells you no, you insist on looking for yes. If a door closes, you open a window. Therefore it is with the same positive spirit that we aim to tell a different story of the place that inspired our brand’s name and its people.

No doubt the war that transformed the Syrian landscape is something that we all would like to avoid; however once it is a reality it is up to us to write a new chapter now. After all, expertise and culture are things that can’t be destroyed. And that’s what many Syrians who resettled in other countries have brought within the will to rebuild their businesses. We know the quality of Syrian products and artefacts, such as F&B and Textile & Garments, and that’s why we strongly believe that they can compete in the international market. Our job is to make it possible by giving them the necessary tools to adapt to the new environment.

Kids playing in front of collapsed buildings. Source: Instagram Aleppo to the world | Credits: @muhammad.bazerkan

It is a challenge focusing on the positive aspects of a culture when the world is talking about what the war has done to the whole country; however it is a matter of someone starting to remind everybody about this culture’s particular features then. We consider part of our responsibility having a social engagement with the Syrian community and we want to spread the same spirit around all our projects, to our clients all over the world. The advantages of beginning as a start-up and with such passion is that we adapt fast and are attentive to the tinniest details, something that many big companies have lost or find difficult to follow up with due the projects’ size they take or even because of inflexible terms & contract conditions. At Alep we work as co-creators and collaborators because we don’t want to just deliver a service; we want to get involved in every aspect of our clients’ ambitions.

The story we want to tell is the representation of thousands of voices which had to endure tough experiences, but are not defined by them. Strong, creative and independent voices, that’s what they are. And next time someone asks “What about Aleppo?” may the answer be related to its rich heritage and beauty, definitely presented in our work and values.

Tourath House | Source: Instagram Aleppo to the world | Credits: Daniel Demeter


Source: Instagram Aleppo to the world | Credits:


Source: Instagram Aleppo to the world | Credits: @legongsorcier

* Opening image source: Instagram Aleppo to the world | Credits: @catherineward22