If a package could ever speak: 5 examples of creative packaging

Don’t judge a book by its cover”: have you ever heard that? It is true that we can find some great treasures hidden in the most unthinkable places, but when we are talking about marketing, we bet that companies wouldn’t let appearance pass as less important.

Packages do speak; they are the “promoters” of a product, the ones who give the first impression to consumers. Think about how easy or hard is to hold a package, its shape, its size, its weight, what is written on it, etc. A good design package can be a decision-maker for consumers who might prefer to pay more if they think there is value on it. We live in times of constant evolution and a package evolves according to the social and demographic changes as well. Below we listed 5 examples of creative design packaging:

1) Beautiful to decorate

The packaging industry in Japan has taken the country to a global recognition due the concept of how technology impacts designs. Some of them are so beautiful that even after a product is consumed you would feel sorry for throwing the package away. This reality inspired in 2016 the exhibition Too pretty to throw away.

Source: Japan Museum SieboldHuis


2) Interaction with the product

There are a lot of ways to be creative in packaging, and playing with the product is one of them. This raspberry’s package is a great example of simplicity and fun all together. The designers also intended to make something appealing to children, so it was a good choice.

Source: Trend Hunter

3) Taking advantage of the package’s shape

How great is when the own container gives everything a brand needs! The nice thing about this bottle design is how it plays with the drink’s name, Spine, therefore it couldn’t be more suitable. The perfect identity is created.

Source: The Dieline

4) Thinking outside the box

Forget about the traditional cardboard shoe boxes. Scholz & Friends idealized a new concept for Nike’s sales winner, Nike Air. The new package is made of plastic and works as a cushion. Plus it is innovative and suits the product’s name while sticking to the main purpose of a package, which is to protect the product.

Source: Hypebeast


5) Feel it, touch it

The interesting thing about mixing and exploring new concepts is how it can activate different senses. This bedding package took the same method used for sealing food aiming to emphasize the aesthetic quality of the product.

Source: Trend Hunter