What customers want (and don’t want) to see on their social media feed

Social media is a very dynamic place to establish a relationship with your customers and nowadays there is no way how to talk about building your brand without this type of interaction. However, there are some points to take in consideration before sharing anything. What you post on your feed will be directly related to your brand personality, thus a step in vain can be damaging lead it to an image that actually is not the goal You wouldn’t do something that is not according to how/ who you are, would you? It’s the same about your brand.

From funny to political posts, a very interesting survey conducted by Sproutsocial interviewed 1000 consumers and revealed some data about what customers want and don’t want to see on their social media feed. We reviewed some of them, so check them out with us:

Customers value honest, friendly and helpful posts

Right, we have passed the phase which we know that only selling posts don’t work, and saying that your product or service is “the most incredible one” most probably won’t help either – even if you think it is. According to the consumers surveyed, 86% care about brand honesty, followed by 83% regarding friendly posts and 76% about helpful posts. Consumers appreciate when brands answer their questions online, give feedback, join engaging conversation our talk about events.

Funny yes, snarky no

On the other hand, consumers consider there is a thin line between bringing funny and snarky posts. While 72% of them welcome sense of humour, only 33% like the unkind ones, which include making fun of competitors (33%), using slang (31%), talking politics (29%) and making fun of customers (12%).

The right balance on playing cool

Everything shall have balance. Although ¾ of the consumers appreciate humour on social media, only 36% will purchase from funny brands. So what would be the solution? Not sharing funny posts at all to not risk? Of course not; it is a matter of bringing it in the right proportion and keeping the content fresh and relevant, otherwise it can just be annoying and cause people to unfollow you – 51% of consumers said they would unfollow the brand and 23% said that they would never buy from it again. So, limits – as everything in life.

How to stimulate consumers' purchase?

No one likes to be ignored. Period. So why would you do it with your customers? Just don’t, even if they leave a negative feedback on the feed: 26% replied they don’t like it and 27% will mark your content as spam or block it, and you don’t want this. However, you can resolve it with a simple attitude and see the power of communication: being responsive corresponds to 48% of consumers to purchase, followed by 46% when offering promotions. Thus, you guarantee at least near half of consumers' purchase.



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